This organization was created to bring change to our
struggling environment, while helping those in need. S.H.O.E.’s goal is to
divert shoes from the landfill by giving them a new pair of feet. Our
mission is to slow the growth of landfills and spread the concept of the three
R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

REDUCE: S.H.O.E. reduces societies need for consumerism, consumption and

REUSE: Most kids outgrow their shoes before they out wear them.
So S.H.O.E. will reuse these barely worn shoes and give them a new life.

RECYCLE: By recycling, even if a shoe is completely trashed, we can
still divert it from the landfill. Like aluminum cans
and paper, we will recycle these shoes for materials to be used in
other products.